A Place of Belonging: Harmony Gathering Place

Experience the Heart of Dallas’ Vibrant Community at Harmony Gathering Place, Where Connections Flourish and Learning Thrives.

Fun for All Ages

Explore our diverse services, tailored to meet your needs. From educational classes to social events, find something you love at Harmony Gathering Place.

Engaging Community Programs for All

Join us for inclusive programs, events, and volunteer opportunities in our community center.

Enriching Educational Classes for All Ages

Discover new skills and passions through our diverse classes. Join us!

Fitness and Wellness

Achieve wellness with yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. Join us today!

Ashley Davis


Harmony Gathering Place: My second home, connecting, learning, growing, grateful.

Welcome to Harmony Gathering Place, your community center in Dallas. Join us for growth, education, and community engagement.

Robert Wilson

Community Development Manager

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Discover a Vibrant Community Hub at Harmony Gathering Place

Join our community center today and discover a place where you can meet new friends, learn new skills, and engage in exciting activities.

  • Engaging the Community Together
  • Engaging Educational Programs and Workshops
  • Versatile Event Spaces for Every Occasion
  • Holistic Wellness Programs for All
  • Empowering Community Connections